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Real Estate Collaboration Divorce Specialists

Divorce rates are spiking, experts blame COVID-19 pandemic. Data from Legal Templates show the number of people looking to divorce, from March through September 2020 was 34% higher than in 2019. Of that, 20% of those seeking divorce were married in the last five months. Just know, if you are included in this statistic you are not alone. Support is available. Our team is here to help!

We specialize in Divorce Real Estate as both Realtors and RCS-D Project Managers, which stands for Real Estate Collaboration Specialist Divorce. We consult with divorcing homeowners for FREE so that they can make an informed decision regarding real property and secured house debt by gathering house documents and information and scheduling consultations. As a colleague of family lawyers and mediators, we work with them to complete the case file, as well we work with financial professionals to complete the marital balance sheet to assure there’s equitable distribution.

In divorce, deciding what to do with the house can become a source of strife, confusion, and financial ruin. Most are unprepared for the legal and financial ramifications about keeping or selling their home— their most important financial asset. Divorce is stressful enough by itself. In the midst of other traumas, many divorcing people discover that they aren’t just married to a spouse— they’re also tied to their home and a mortgage, too. Their most financially and emotionally important asset can become a source of strife, confusion, anxiety–and all too often, financial ruin. That’s where we come in and help you navigate this difficult process.

Our team works in the best interest of the family, helping divorcing homeowners make informed decisions with the goal to avoid joint debt mistakes, in order to prevent credit damage and preserve home ownership eligibility. And, our team, tools, and training  serve as our point of difference, which allow people like yourself to see the valuable service we provide instead of being seen as realtors trying to get a listing.

In order to effectively accomplish our goals and objectives, we have a great team as well as an amazing team of affiliate professionals that have experience working with divorcing homeowners like yourself:




As a Life Coach Agent, Jared’s goal is to add extra value, exceed expectations, and transform lives by utilizing his 20 years of combined real estate, executive coaching and consulting, and life coaching experience. He believes his clients are worth more than just a single transaction, rather he wants to build relationships where he become their Realtor-for-Life. As a licensed Realtor with Century 21, Jared has earned the designation of Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce (RCS-D™). He serves as a RCS-D™ Project Manager, which specializes in divorce real estate due diligence support for Collaborative Law and Family Mediation, and helps resolve gaps in house due diligence regarding divorce real estate for informed decision making about keeping the house in divorce.

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As a licensed Realtor, Cheryl has earned the designation of Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce (RCS-D™). With this, she helps clients through the stress and challenges of real estate divorce, to decide what is best for them. She has earned the Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) certification, and the Gold Key Certification (GKC), which is the highest level of commitment to professionalism and service. With skills from continued learning, along with a positive attitude and a patient approach, she provides her clients with the best possible client selling experience.



As a certified life coach with over 20 years of professional experience, Kimberlee has worked with individuals, couples, families, teenagers, and executives. As well, she has extensive experience as a communicator and trainer. She holds many certifications, which include internationally accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (iNLP), Divorce Coach, APSATS, Inner Dynamics, Enneagram in Business, Your Enneagram Coach, Paterson Center Life Plan Facilitator, and Pastoral Ordination. Her clients span a broad range of life and industries, and many come to her to understand and fully engage their personal and professional abilities and strengths.


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Our Life Coach Agent team is located in Orlando Florida and we serve our clients throughout Central Florida which includes the following communities: Orlando FL, Windermere FL, Winter Park FL, Winter Garden FL, Celebration, FL, Clermont FL, Kissimmee FL, Ocoee Fl, Maitland, FL, Dr. Phillips, Lake Nona, and more. Our value is visible in all that we offer and do for our clients. In order to learn more about our complimentary service and/or to schedule a consultation reach to us by completing the form below.